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Moms Homeschooling Kids with Adhd

A child with ADHD is a child who will never be able to live in the "lockstep" world of public school. I have home schooled. It is not easy. i have a son ...

Help! Is There Such a Thing as ADHD Fir a 20 Month Old?

Sep 27, 2009 ... Not recommended for children under 2. (I mention this since your son has ADHD.) There is a VERY negative correlation between TV and ADHD. ...

Strattera for ADHD

Has anyone had experience with Strattera for treatment of ADHD? ... Medications work differently on every child. I have no experience with Metadate CD. ...

12 Year Old Stubburn No Care in the World Child

Some adhd children do get distracted easily. My son focuses on certain things, and he doesn't think of anything else. I do believe its a phase, ...

Children with Adhd

Read all 7 responses: "Are there Moms out there that have tried meds such as Concerta for their child with succuess. Two of our younger children have been ...

Disciplining ADHD 10Yr Old

It is not an easy role for a parent with a child with ADHD. To me, the word ' impulsive' came to mind when I read your story...not so much 'sneakiness', ...

Do YOU Give Your Child ADHD Medication? If So...

Read all 8 responses: "My 10-yr old was diagnosed with ADHD two and a half years ago. Since then I have read three books, countless websites, magazines to ...

My 6 Yr. Old Daughter Has ADHD...

I take both of mine to a clinic devoted to children with ADHDChild and Adolecent Service CenterThere are offices in Canton and Alliance Ohio and if you need ...


1 ADD and ADHD children and adults are often VERY intelligent My son especially struggles in school because of bordom Putting him in resource classes made ...

Seeking Alternative ADHD Treatment

Hi my name is Dr Sandra S I am a Chiropractor with locations in Mesquite and in Plano I have worked with many children that havehad ADHD I use nutritional ...
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  • all trial and error in 2 answers "... the combination of meds that work right for your son. It's all trial and error."
  • non stimulant in 3 answers "I like the idea of it bein a non-stimulant."
  • stimulant drugs in 2 answers "... that is not a stimulant and that makes for a even keel day. Stimulant drugs ..."
  • homework assignments in 3 answers "Perhaps your son's teacher can give you a copy of his homework assignments for the ..."
  • impulse control in 2 answers "... things are perfect with Strattera (he has behavioral issues and impulse control ..."