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Sanitizing Cloth Toys

W.C. answers from San Antonio on November 19, 2008. Clorox is supposed to be child safe. I would use it all over the toy and then leave it outside for a day ...

Seeking Suggestion for Child to Sit Still During Services

Once apon a child has a .25 little toy bin. My daughter loves silly puddy, it doesn't make a mess. I keep the toys hidden, and rotate them so they are till ...

Donating Toys

The toys collected this holiday season will be sent to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of the K. Hovnanian Childrens Hospital at the Jersey Shore ...

Child Being Bit at Daycare

My child will bite when another invades my child's personal space and my child will bite if another takes away my child's toy. Unfortunately, my child does ...

Toddler Throwing Toys in Anger

My son is almost 18 months and will hurl his toys across the room when he ... He is normally a pretty laid back child, and the "tantrum" usually goes just ...

Looking for Children's Consignment Stores in Broward County Florida

Is your child male or female? Inquiring because I have female clothes and toys I have just (past weekend) boxed up to give to goodwill. My dtr is 22 months. ...

How Often Do I Clean Baby Toys?

However, if there are other children around who play with your child's toys, then they may need to be sanitized. If you are still wary, give them a spray ...

Building Confidence in My Child

I don't believe in using electronic toys (like leapster etc.) or the internet to teach my children anything because I firmly believe that when kids learn in ...

Toy Recommendations

I am starting to plan for this year's Christmas shopping and would really appreciate hearing about your children's favorite toys. In December, my daughter ...

My Friend Will Not Discipline Her Child

I say to the child loud enough for the mother to hear, "Oh Tommy, it's not nice to throw toys. If you keep throwing toys, my son (insert name) isn't going ...
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  • plush toys in the washer in 2 answers "... you use to wash delicates in can be used to put his plush toys in the washer ..."
  • collecting for toys for tots in 2 answers "Hi, Any Toys R Us store will have a bin collecting for Toys For Tots."
  • clorox and lysol in 2 answers "Clorox and Lysol (the normal kinds) are poison and shouldn't be used on the toys."
  • fisher price in 5 answers "You could also do dress up or one of hte fisher price little people toys."
  • put them in the dishwasher in 2 answers "I also put them in the dishwasher. I always cleaned them after friends were over."