Child Support Enforcement

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Child Support...... ANY Info Will Help

C.H. asks from Dallas

Hello all! My ex husband has yet again jumped the boat with his company RIGHT as child support was starting to be taken out. The last payment I received from him was ...


Should a Father Who Is $30,000 Behind in Child Support Have More Kids?

K.S. asks from Phoenix

My ex is $30,000 behind in child support and recently had a reverse vasectomy to have a baby with his new wife. I'm not sure how much the procedure cost but I don't ...


Child Support Advice?

C.T. asks from Lexington

My ex owes me $1350 in child sipport. My lawyer is filing a motion in court to have him go to court and ordered to pay. Again. Isn't there anything else I can do? Any...


Child Support When Dad Is in Another Country

K.A. asks from Washington DC

I have a friend whose ex moved his new family across the Atlantic. She has custody during the school year, but the 10 year old goes over every other Christmas, every ...


Can Anyone Give Me a Run down on Child Support Battles?? (CT)

J.C. asks from Hartford

To put a very long, depressing story short, my son's father is a dead beat drunk that really has no part in his life. He will call and ask me to "deliver" my son to h...


Sons Father Wont Pay Child Support and Wants Visitation>?

T.V. asks from Cincinnati

Im wondering if there is anyone out there that knows if my sons father who has every other weekend visitation court ordered and has not been payin child support if I ...


How Do I Get a Law Passed? (Back Child Support Owed)

F.H. asks from Phoenix

I know, crazy question. Just some background. I have a "sort of" dead beat ex husband. When we divorced, the first year he didnt pay any child support and rarely s...


Help with Custody/Child Support

S.D. asks from Tampa

I am a single parent of a 1 yr old; my daughter's father is active in her life, though we are not together. We need to file the paperwork for custody and child suppo...


Cild Support-- Is It a Must?

L.F. asks from Youngstown

First, I just want to say that my daughter sees her dad 2 times a week & loves him to death. He's a good father to her except with the money issue. I just recently...


Any Single Mom Support?

J.A. asks from Harrisburg

Hello All.... I am a single mom of 2 gorgeous who is 2.5 yrs, and the baby who is 7 months. I have been single since I was in my 2nd trimester with the ...

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