child not urinating

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Son Urinates a Lot!

... never had an issue with my children urinating that much at night, let alone during the day. ... I've never used these so not sure how well they work. ...

Cat Urinating on Carpet

Read all 5 responses: "Our 8 year-old cat is urinating on my dining room carpet. ... Day Care Centers & Providers · Gifted & Talented Child · Home Schooling .... There's usually only a few reasons a cat will not use their litterbox: ...

Frequent Urination in 3-Year-old Boy

When I was little I urinated frequently too - and also not much at a time. ... They said that it is a phase that a lot of children go through. ...

When Do You Take Child to the Hospital?

Oct 3, 2009 ... If you feel your child is not getting better then do what will put ... of fluids make sure he is drinking and urinating If fever persists at ...

3 Year Old Not Going to the Bathroom Now That New Baby Is Here.

Read all 7 responses: "Help, my 3 1/2 year old has not been going to the bathroom now ... it pushed on her bladder so badly that she was having trouble urinating as well. ... First we had to give a children's enema. Not a good time! ...

Son Not Eating

The other most children eat maybe little portions maybe not the food their ... Monitor his bodys fluidsis he urinating enough andor moving his bowels I ...

Ok.... Really Personal Question About Boys!!

As far as the constipation my son gets the same way when he's not getting .... In Need of a Doctorchild Pyschologist to Help with 3Year Old Who Stops2 ...

VCUG And Renal Ultrasounds

You might want to practice this on a dolly then your child at home so it goes easily. ... She would not urinate or even want to go near the potty for days. ...

Help Getting 10 Month Old to Drink & Eat

my kids hated piedalyte and i could never get them to drink it!!!the fist question is is he urinating?if he is not urinating then he's getting ...

Classic UTI Symptoms

My 4 yr. old son has been having difficulty urinating (can't get all of the urine ... It's NOT a fun test - especially with an older child I would imagine. ...
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