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Aggressive Behavior in a Toddler

Oct 2, 2009 ... Last night he took a toy away from a child, and then hit him with it! I know it's normal for toddlers to be possessive of things and to not want to share, ...

Hitting and Pushing Younger Kids

Oct 1, 2009 ... Yes it's good that you want to stop this behavior because I have avoided people with children who hit too My advice would be to be very firm ...

My 6 Yr Old and 11 Yr Old Sons Are Fighting, Hitting and Tourmenting Eachother

I have 4 children that do the same thing It may seem strange but I find them something .... How to Teach My 4 Year Old Son to Stop Hitting His Twin Sister ...

How to Deal with 2 Yr Old Hitting and Pushing Younger Brother

When we've had a child acting out in the past (hitting, kicking, or even just whining) something that has worked great is for me to pull the child aside and ...

19 Month Old Acts like He Is Going to Hit and Says "Ouch Mommy" or "Ouch Daddy"

Aug 30, 2009 ... Hitting is not a bad thing It allows our children a physical release of their frustrations What is a bad thing isouching Mom or Dad Next ...

My Child Is Slapping and Kicking! HELP!

You can not hit anyone." Very clear direction is needed. I think saying "we" and "it's not nice" is too ambiguous for small children. ...

Help How Do I Get My Daughter to Stop Hitting and Being Mean to Her Older Bro

Does your oldest child get any special treatment or anything that his sister would be jealous of. Try to find out why she hits him. ...

13 Month Old Likes to Hit

I like what some of the moms said about gentle hands and showing him that hands are for gentle touch, not hitting. Of course you cannot tell a child to hit ...

2 Year Old Hits His Head on the Floor.

It is NOT normal for a child to hit their head HARD and I want to ask you if there is any other issues He may have sensory issues Does he have trouble with ...

First Time Mom

Have any of your children went thru this Did it get better .... parenting time · what kind of mom are you · child hitting · mom play group · people mom ...
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  • remove him from the situation in 2 answers "I won't let you hit." Then remove him from the situation - immediate time out."
  • your ecfe teachers in 2 answers "I think it's a great idea to talk to your ECFE teachers too and they should have some ..."
  • banging his head in 2 answers "A young child banging his head could mean many different things."
  • hugs and cuddles in 2 answers "I would also heap lots of hugs and cuddles and attention on him; saying things like ""
  • hold his hands in 2 answers "or you see him going to hit, hold his hands and firmly tell him ""