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Health Insurance

Their program is called the Child Health Plan and is either 8 or 15 dollars a month. I love it and there is no stigma attached to it which was important to ...

Pediatrician for Child with ADHD, LD

Sep 28, 2009 ... I would look into ADD Health and Wellness Centers. They have an extensive list of resources for you. If your child begins having trouble in ...

Have You Given Your Child the Rabies Vaccine?

Have You Given Your Child the Rabies Vaccine? Hello Moms ... Health care professionals, animal control, etc don't usually advise the vaccines unless there ...

Seeking Parent's Going Through Raising a Child Bi-polar and ADHD

would love to talk with parent's raising a Bi-polar and ADHD child. .... I have been dealing iwth the mental health system for about 11 years. ...

Could My Unborn Child Be at Risk for Learning Disabilities or Retardation?

Oct 23, 2009 ... My friend Stephanie has a child who was diagnosed with 50 food allergies and a learning disability. .... child health · child birth ...

Seeking Advice for an "Active" Child

Martial arts are the best activity for anactive nonlistening child. Do it Today .... my child's health · child care teacher ...

Other Mothers Dealing with Child W/ Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

I will deliver our first child this winter and I plan to have our chiropractor check our little girl over for muscle .... child doctor · Child Health Plus ...

Child with Oligodontia (More than 6 Missing Permanent Teeth)

Read all 8 responses: "I just found from my child's dentist and an ... There are lots of techniques dentists use today that help with kids' dental health. ...

3 Year Old Craving Sugar? Diabetes?

Good job mom for seeing that something needs to be done for your child's health! Stand strong and say no to sugar! :). 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

When to Take a Child to the Emergency Room?

On this site, scroll down to Health and Safety. It gives you great tips on what ... I think it depends on the age and the symptoms of your child...and then ...
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  • urination excessive hunger in 2 answers "... mind: An increase in thirst Weight loss Frequest Urination Excessive hunger ..."
  • bi polar and add in 2 answers "I have a 16 year old girl with bi-polar and ADD."
  • blood sugar level in 2 answers "... too since you are bringing him in to the doctor to get his blood sugar level ..."
  • apply for healthy families in 2 answers "... income is too high for medi-cal requirements, you can apply for Healthy Families ..."
  • dont make a big deal in 2 answers "Until then, dont make a big deal about it."