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Regarding Lesson for a 3.5Yr Old Child

Good Morning S., Giving a child that age lessons isn't necessary. Having fun and playing word games or letter games with her is a lot more fun for her. ...

Toddler Birthday Party Game Ideas

The child who opens it to get the gift, gets to keep the gift. You can do it so that every child wins once. Children like the game more than musical chairs ...

Help! Middle Child Syndrome?

My middle child, her name is Amelia; is very dependent on me and very clingy. ... He chooses the activity - board game, toys, dress up, whatever. ...

Right Handed Parents Tring to Teach a Left Handed Child to Write

There is a game called Letters on the Loose that shows them, ... I'm a right handed mom of 2 Leftys (ages 20 and 9) and having your child trace letters as ...

Older Mom Thinking About Having a Second Child

I am 35 years old with 5 husband and I go without a lot to provide our children with what we feel they deserve, my kids don't have the game ...

Looking for Child Friendly Restaurants

They have a big screen that continuously plays cartoons, a game room and buffet ... As for the sitting still, that is the individual child's personality not ...

Help for Child with Cancer

Help for Child with Cancer. I am looking for suggestions what my grandaughter (3 ) could send her little friend (3) a book or game to help her while ...

Does Anyone Else's Husband/bf Play Video Games?

When we got married (10 years ago) I became a gamer as well and enjoyed many hours of Nintendo64, Playstation, and PC games. Now that we have two children ...

Soccer Snacks?

It was my turn to do snacks at my 4 year old daughters soccer game this past ... I would personally give every child a healthy snack and then maybe get some ...

Birthday Party Game Ideas

I am have a Birthday Party for my daughters and am looking for some game ideas. We are having a Carnival theme. The children will range in ages from 2 to 8. ...
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