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Does Teething Cause Fever and Projectile Vomiting?

Both run fever while teething. So did my other 5. The prjectile vomittling is probably from another source of irritation though. My #5 child had this and it ...

4 Month Old with Fever

One thing to remember when reducing a high fever is to prevent your child from shivering. Try to reduce a fever gradually if possible and if you child ...

5 Month Old W/ 102.5 Fever

When a child has a fever tylenol is the first we all grab for but there are other things to try...make sure the child is stripped down to either a onsie or ...

High Fever in 10 Month Old

I encourage you to continue to follow your doctors instructions but you might also want to consider that cool baths can actually cause your child's fever to ...

Strep Throat, Fever and Continuing HEADACHES in My 4 Year Old -- ADVICE?

The body aches and spiking fever and cough were the symptoms for us and my girls both had bad headaches and stomach aches. I had a friend whose children ...

Daily Routine Needed! & Cabin Fever!!!

BTW MOPS is not just for mothers of preschoolers anyone with a child 5 and ... your shoes with needing a routine maintaining mom ID and cabin fever I have ...

Red Blotches and Rashes on My Child's Face and on His Upper Torso

To me this sounds like Scarlet Fever, which produces a rash on the torso like that. I had this as a child after a bout of untreated strep throat, ...

17 Month Old Fever and Lethargic, Getting More Worried, Any Ideas?

The poor child was miserable! Our doctor told us to give her Pedialyte. The same night we saw her doctor, her fever shot up to 104. ...

How to Deal with Fever

You can also try giving your child Tylenol fever reducer. ... Sometimes children with a fever may also breathe faster than usual and may have a higher heart ...

My Son Has Another fever...How Often Do Toddlers Get Fevers?

It seems like ever since my son started playing with other children, he gets a fever just about every other month, or every three months. ...
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  • works much better than tylenol in 2 answers "Switch to infant/children's Motrin. It works much better than Tylenol on a really ..."
  • luke warm bath in 3 answers "... is always a dose of something on board to keep the fever down. A luke-warm bath ..."
  • alternating tylenol and motrin in 2 answers "My pediatrician recommended alternating Tylenol and Motrin every 3 hours."
  • run fever while teething in 2 answers "My daughter has only run fever while teething but I have heard from others that vomiting ..."
  • luke warm baths in 2 answers "... you give it to her it takes about an hour to take affect. Also, luke warm baths ..."