child complaining of eye pain

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Need Advice! 4 Yr Old Daughter Complains of Headaches

I would have your pediatrician AND eye doctor examine. My sons eyes were overlooked at ... Usually a child this age doesn't understand pain like a headache. ...

Son Is Complaining of Teeth Hurting

Sometimes when people have sinus infections they complain their teeth hurt. ... Sometime children can be confused where the pain is coming from and an ear ...

2 Year Old Complaining About Body Hurting

My 2 year old son has been complaining that his legs hurt. ... Dr. Visits · Early Intervention · Eye Glasses · Eyes & Vision ... Bring it up if you're concerned but my daughter had that and so did I when I was a child. .... Allergies and arthritis can also cause pain. ... 7 Year Old Complaining of Leg Pain. ...

4 Yr Old Experiencing Leg Pain with No Injury *Not Growing Pains*

My daughter often complained of pain in her legs. I don't remember as a child having such pain. I would massage her using pure essential oils that have a ...

I'm Wondering About My 5 Yr Old's Leg Pain at Night.

I found out that if my child complains of leg pain in the morning in their legs it could be growing pains. I hope this helps. Helpful? ...

Help with a Child with Lazy Eye

I had lazy eye as a child, and at age 10 I had surgery on both eyes. .... I remember some eye pain - not a lot, and I think I was discharged the same day. ...

4 Year Old Daughter's Eyes Hurt

If redness, pain, or goopy discharge develop get to the eye doctor right away. ... I know that a lot of times when a child says their eyes hurt, they actually have a ... My daughter has been complaining of dry eyes too, in her own way. ...

Has Anyone Have or Had a Child with a Floating Eye?

Have you or anyone you know have a child (pre-teen) with a floating eye? Is it a big deal? My daughter has no pain, bluriness, no vision issue's, ...

My Four Year Old Right Eye Always Hurts During the Evening Time.

You should take him to an eye doctor. As a child I did the same thing. ... I would make sure to see a pediatric eye doctor. My son would complain about his ...

My 2 1/2 Yr Complains of Leg Pain

... limit the child during the day .The child does not limp during the day and there is never any joint swelling. ..... 7 Year Old Complaining of Leg Pain. ...
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