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Birth Control

A.L. asks from Miami

Please tell me which form of birth control is the best. I just don't like taking pills daily. I know for sure that I will forget to take them. I am thinking about th...


Birth Control

A.S. asks from Harrisburg

I am going for my postpartum doctor appointment tomorrow and I need to make a decision on what birth control I want to get on. I got pregnant while taking Ortho Tri ...


Pediatrician at Birth

A.D. asks from Boise

I'm a bit confused about how to go about getting a pediatrician. Do I need to have one at the birth of my son, for the first shots, to get him circumsized before I'm ...


Birth Control

K.A. asks from Boston

I was wondering if anyone else has been put on the mirena birth control. I have a few questions like how my periods are going to be. i have hade it in place for about...


Birth Control

T.R. asks from Green Bay

I have been considering Mirena, the IUD that is supposed to prevent pregnancy for 3-5 years, and I was wondering if anyone has used this method of birth control and ...


Birth Control

B.N. asks from Tampa

I am currently pregnant with my second baby but I am looking into birth control options after I have the baby. My husband and I do not want any more kids so I wanted...


Birth Control?

A.L. asks from Dallas

Ok moms! I have a question i have had many female probs over the past couple of years and then a few months ago i stopped having my period and then a month ago the d...


Menstration After Birth

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi ladies, my baby is 7 weeks. I am strictly breastfeeding and I noticed today that I'm "Spotting". I nursed my last child and didn't have a period untill he was a ye...


Birth Control

J.P. asks from Bangor

Hi Moms, I was thinking about going on the Yaz birth control pill. I get really bad symptoms(I'm seriously a different person:( ) about a week before my period. So, ...


Birth Control

D.R. asks from Boston

I am looking for a birth control without any hormones that will not mix up any chances of getting pregnant again when my husband and I are ready for another baby. We...

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