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Birth Control

T.H. asks from Philadelphia

Hello! I gave birth to our second daughter a little over 2 months ago and am currently nursing her. We got pregnant this time shortly after weaning my first daughte...


Birth Control

J.Y. asks from Abilene

I just had my second child and I'm pretty sure we're done but I'm not ready to close the possibility of having another. I was on birth control pills for years but wan...


Natural Child Birth Control

L.S. asks from Austin

I had my obygn app this morning after having a baby girl 20 days ago. He talked to me about Natural Femenine Control as a birth control method, because I am breastfe...


Birth Announcements

A.K. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies, hoping you could help me decide where to go for my birth announcements. Since this is my 2nd child I was looking for an announcement that offered multiple...


Birth Certificate

H.S. asks from Detroit

I still haven't picked up my daughter's birth certificate yet due to financial issues, but I need to get it in order to enroll her in the head start program. Will I ...


How Long After Birth....

J.S. asks from Springfield

How long after birth is your period supposed to start again? The bleeding stopped after four weeks, and I haven't had a period since then. My daughter was born almost...


Birth Questions

E.C. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone, I'm having Ravi at birthing center in Denton with my midwife Jean. Has anyone done this? This birth will be "natural" as can be. I have no choice ...


Birth Control

M.N. asks from Charleston

My sister is thinking about going back on birth control. She has taken the pill, and the patch method. Both have made her get sick and need to call out of work becaus...


Birth Announcements

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

Hi! Our little guy is due in 39 days(!!)and I am trying to pick out a cute birth announcement. Where did you order yours? My mom suggested Walgreen's or SnapFish, but...


Birth Control

M.W. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, I need advice on birth control. I had an IUD removed a couple years ago..since my hubby and I wanted to try for baby #2. I had complications and therefore ...

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