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Dealing with 12 Year Old Son's Behavior Problems

The good behavior would enduce good things for my children but bad behavior would only be "ignored"...when I say ignored I don't mean that literally but I ...

Did You Test Your Child for Early Admission to K--just Missed Cut off Date??

Nov 4, 2009 ... I am looking for moms who tested their child for early admission to .... No Child Left Behind · school admission · child behavior · gifted ...

Bad Behavior Rubbing Off...

If you are friends with this woman, you can just tell her you would like to open up your home to other children and with his behavior requiring so much ...

Overly Sensitive Hearing & Related Behavior Issues

Are you getting your child evaluated? If you did what did the doctor say? I am wondering if I need to have my .... cover motorcycle · children behavior ...


I would certainly contact your doctor is there are any changes in your child's behavior, or activity level. There can be an increased chance of illness ...

Is This Normal Behavior for a 3 Year Old? HELP!

I do think this behavior is normal for many children, especially boys. I also think you are doing a great job explaining to him what he is doing wrong and ...

Momma Seeking Advice for 3 1/2 Year Old's Behavior

I liked the idea from one parent about keeping a journal to figure out what triggers the behavior...not that you should change your behavior (the child ...

13 Year Old Daughter's Behavior

I am pretty old school and if my child exhibited that type of behavior, I would take EVERYTHING from her. Including her bedroom door...yes, take the door ...

Help 8 Y/o Adhd Behavior Probs at School

Some effect the child's behavior in a negative way and all that is needed is another med. Because of the short half-life of these drugs, trying a new one ...

Friends Behavior Issues

In my opinion, your family is responsible for setting boundaries in your house and with what is acceptable behavior around you. Let your child know if ...
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