child abuse and neglect

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Normal Third Pregnancy?

Aug 24, 2009 ... Also the more youre doing in life the easier it is to neglect ... it's more likely from keeping up with my other child As far as the Braxton ...

Son Not Completing Jobs

Sep 28, 2009 ... his lunchbox from his backpackand it is neglect not forget leave ..... Technical Errors, Report Abuse, Delete Mamapedia Account, Other ...

Daddy Help

Help with a Sad Child .... Unsubscribe Emails, Feedback Suggestions, Technical Errors, Report Abuse, Delete Mamapedia Account, Other. Message ...

Visit with Daddy Issue

Sep 24, 2009 ... enough how this can help You cant always be with your child to protect them .... going on It could be neglect or hurt feelings Good luck ...

Child Protective Services!

C.B. asks from Cleveland

I would like to know if anyone has had a false call to CPS, what happened? What actions did you take? What do we need to do? I already talked to the social worker and...


Need Legal Help with Post Divorce Modification

D.M. asks from Dallas

I have been divorced for 1.5 years now, and am trying to find an attorney to help me with a post divorce modification. At the time of the divorce, I was a stay at ho...


How Do I Get My Hubby on Board

D.C. asks from Louisville

we have a 5 year old and a 2 year old. my husband doesn't believe in disciplining our children at all. no telling no. no time out. no spanking. no grounding. wh...


Seeking Help with a Uncooperative Ex

J.J. asks from Louisville

To make a long story short my husband left me when my little boy was 5 month old for another woman. my son is now three. My ex lives with the woman he left me for (t...


Family Dog Dies and 13 Month Old Misses Her Terribly...

P.B. asks from Anchorage

We have had our dog for literally 13 years and just last week she was taken by cancer. I knew that me and my husband would have a hard time with it as she had been a...


Need Advise on Discipline

N.B. asks from Dallas

My Kindergartener was sent to the principal's office today for the second time this school year. The problem is that he just does not respect authority at school othe...

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  • shaved his beard in 2 answers "My husband shaved his beard when our youngest daughter was about 3, and she ran into ..."
  • follow through with consequences in 2 answers "... establish your expectations and your rules and follow-through with consequences."
  • task completion in 3 answers "... son will turn out fine without rigorous adherence to RULES and task completion ..."
  • ill say a prayer in 2 answers "... it wouldn't hurt to try to get her help--seriously! I'll say a prayer ..."
  • form of child abuse in 2 answers "How dare him do this to you!!! This is a backward form of child abuse."