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Seeking Alternative Vaccination Schedule

If I had to do it over again I would not have my twins vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine. It is high in mercury and does not immune for life. ...


Has he had the chicken pox vaccine? If you have hives and they don't go away, without being re-exposed to the allergen, it's probably not really hives. ...

Chickepox Vaccine (1 Yr Old) - What Experiences Did You Have?

Read all 5 responses: "My son had the chickenpox vaccine on Thurday. He seemed fine at first but over the weekend he slowly built up a new level of ...

1 Yr Shots Reeking Havoc!

About 1%-4% of vaccine recipients develop a very mild rash or several small bumps following chickenpox vaccination. [NOTE: In very rare instances, ...

Anyone Ever Have an Older Child Get the Chicken Pox Virus?

When my oldest son was in 1st grade he too brought home the chicken pox. He missed the vaccination due to a bad batch and a change of pediatricians. ...

Chicken Pox

I'm not a doctor, but both my children had the chicken pox and I've looked at and help lots of parents ... Breakthrough Chickenpox AFTER Vaccination ...

Experiences with Delayed Vaccination Schedule?

Despite scare tactics to the contrary, many diseases that we vaccinate for are not life-threatening. (Chickenpox? Come on! The only kids who die from ...

Southdale Pediatrics/Alternate Vaccine Schedule

I am not for the chickenpox vaccine and separating the MMR and he did not push the issue he explained the reason why the chickenpox vaccine is safe and why ...


I did the scheduled vaccinations for both my daughters and will for my son, who is 20 days old. They only one I refused was the chicken pox vaccination. ...

11 Year Old Daughter with Shingles....

Did she have her chicken pox vaccine? They are trying to come up with a shingle vaccine which I think would be a miracle as older adults getting them it can ...
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