chicken pox even though vaccinated

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Seeking a Pediatrician Who Won't Want to Vaccinate My Son

She won't even look at you sideways if you tell her you don't want to vax. She is not a pediatrician though. She is a family practice doc. ... We did not give the chicken pox shot until the summer before second grade and he was fine ...

Shots or No Shots!

I know my daugther has been exposed to chicken pox but because of the chkpox .... the preservative in each vaccine even though each had a very low dose of ...


... the Chicken Pox vaccine....I felt that my daugher should be exposed to them and get them so that she doesnt get shingles later on in life...even though ...

Info on Rotovirus Vaccine?

I will also be skipping the chicken pox vaccine - as it is not ..... okay, My almost 2 year old had rotovirus and even though it was bad and she was ...

Unusual Rash on My 2 Year Old

Second, even though there may be no changes in diet or environment, .... The chicken pox virus, which is the same virus, has mutated (and become more ...

In Search of Pediatrician Willing to Follow Alternative Vaccination Schedule

I declined the chicken pox vaccine. She did get the Flu Vacc only ... Even though she is a conventional Dr. I have been pretty happy with her & the nurses. ...


Did you vaccinate? There is a cream - Hydrocortisone - this will help the itching. ... It sounds to me like your past the point of a topical solution, though. ..... He could even get shingles if he has had chicken pox and they can make ...

Looking for a Pediatrician for Nonvaccinated Children in Boston/Metrowest Area

... Boston/Metro West Area for my children who are partially vaccinated. ... to treat my children even though they're not getting the MMR or Chicken Pox ...

Flu Shot for Infant

She is very healthy, has not even had a cold yet even though everyone else around..." ... There is a book called Vaccination Deception that is excellent and ... for life threatening illnesses but not for the chicken pox or for the flu. ...

Would like Experiences on Vaccines, Toxins and Related Health Problems

... a part with some illness ( even though the numbers of illnesses vaccinated ..... I just turned 30 and when I was a child we threw chicken pox parties so ...
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