Chiari Malformation

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Chiari 1 Malformation

K.W. asks from Cumberland

My son does not have Craniosynostosis he has Chiari 1 Malformation. This is when the cerebrulum tonsels hang down into the spinal canal. Does anyone know anything...


Chiari I Brain Malformation

J.S. asks from Little Rock

Any moms out there have a child that was diagnosed with this on an MRI? My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with a Chiari 1 malformation last August, 2011 and her ...


Arnold Chiari Malformation

N.E. asks from Las Vegas

Well where to start. I was recently diagnosised with arnold chiari malformation and wanted to know if anyone has any advice on it. I suffer with really bad headache...


16 Yr Old Son Just Diagnosed with Chiari Malformation - May Be Answer to Voices

S.G. asks from Charlotte

i'm trying to find if anyone else with this condition has heard voices in their heard. My son started hearing voices when he was maybe 12. Have been to many doctors...


Chiari 1 and Throwing Up?

A.H. asks from Los Angeles

mY 20 month old has Chiari 1 malformation. She just started throwing up at night only for the past 3 night. She is fine during the day. She has no fever or any other ...


Need Some Advice

T.P. asks from Cleveland

recently my youngest daughter had surgery to put in a g-tube and she also had a nissen done. well we went for a month check up and the doctor has told me that she wou...


Anyone Ever Heard of This or Been Through This?

S.R. asks from Binghamton

My daughter has recently been diagnosed with Chiari Malformation. We were sent to CRouse Hospital to see Doctor Holesapple. We need to go back up 3 more times for tes...


How to Tell Concussion in Husband Long After?

M.F. asks from Buffalo

We recently moved and my husband stayed behind to handle final arrangements. A month later he followed. He just doesn't seem right. He does have multiple medical i...


Need Info......Please Help!

S.P. asks from Houston

I have just found out that my 7 yr. little girl has Chiari Malformation-1. I have been to some of the web sites and they all say surgery. I dont know anything about i...


Suggestions for a Fun Summer for My Kid's While I Recover from Surgery

K.G. asks from Chicago

I have been identified as having a brain malformation that will require neurosurgery this summer. Suddenly our water park and fun in the sun plans have changed. I hav...

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