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Do You Wear Lipstick?

R.D. asks from Richmond

This probably seems like a silly question, but I'm 27 and have only worn lipstick three times in my life... twice when I was done up pin up style, and once for my wed...


Your Favorite Lipstick

K.P. asks from Springfield

Hi Ladies! I am looking for opinions on your favorite brad of lipstick. I used to wear 12 hour Almay lipcolor, but it has since been disconinuted. I then went to Revl...


Washed and Dryed Chapstick with Laundry

S.I. asks from Johnson City

Hi ladies! I am in desperate need of a solution. I washed and dryed my favorite shirt and shorts all while having left chapstick in the pocket. I tried putting some o...


Lipstick Recommendation Needed

M.M. asks from Detroit

. Does anyone know of a good lipstick that does NOT dry out the lips, but also has good staying power? I am not sure if I suddenly have ultra dry lips of if the li...


Allergic Reaction to Lipstick

K.M. asks from Dallas

After using the same liner and lipstick for maybe five years+, I think I have finally identified that I am suddenly allergic to the lipstick I am using (MAC). Has an...


Poisonous Lipstick?

M.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi Moms, My mother always told me that I should never leave the house without lipstick on. I was able to follow these kind words of wisdom...until I had a little ...


BRIGHT RED Lipstick Smeared All over the Inside of Our Car..

C.P. asks from Dallas

My 2 yr old daughter got inside our car this past weekend and decided she wanted to "decorate" the inside of our car with lipstick... we have cloth interior... how on...


Seeking Long Lasting Lipstick

K.B. asks from Dallas

I have tried some of the long lasting lipsticks but they leave a dried out feeling. I need color all the time and get tired of spending money on products that really...


Best Lip Balm (Chapstick) U Would Recommend for 6 Year Old W/ Sever Chapped Lips

J.K. asks from Mansfield

Every winter my daughter gets severe chapped lips. She is 6 years old and uses the lip balms that are usually flavored in kids friendly flavors,etc. She is pretty goo...


How to remove greasy chapstick stains on clothes?

K.H. asks from Oklahoma City

I have a horrible habit of leaving my chapstick in my pocket and teh throwing it in the wash. Now there are greasy chapstick stains on clothes. Is there any way to ge...

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  • tinted lip balm in 2 answers "I picked up some Nivea Kiss of Flavor tinted lip balm when it was free after rebate ..."
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  • mary kay lipstick in 2 answers "What I use and LOVE now is Mary Kay lipstick."
  • use burts bees in 2 answers "I use Burt's Bees lip shimmer."