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How to Prevent Wind Chapped Face?

I have used it once already so chapped that my face was cracking and ... Trying to Break Daughters Habit of Licking Her Mouth, It's So Chapped and Red ...

Need More Information About Allergies// or Rash and Egsemas Around Mouth.

I've used it for years and it's very common for kids to get chapped cheeks and mouth this time of year and any time it's windy. I used the ointment on my ...

Weird Rash Around My Sons Mouth.

It was caused by them licking around their mouth and the area getting chapped. Then when they ate food or a beverage it would irritate it and they would ...

Cracked and Bleeding Mouth

My darling 7 year old daughter is a mouth-breather with same problem. ...... Trying to Break Daughters Habit of Licking Her Mouth, It's So Chapped and Red ...

14 Month Old Chin Rash

My nephew had a side effect of his medication that caused him to constantly lick around his lips, causing a big red chapped ring around his mouth. ...

Rash Under Lower Lip

Trying to Break Daughters Habit of Licking Her Mouth It's So Chapped and Red ... Chapped Lips · 82 · Weird Rash Around My Sons Mouth ...

9 Month Old Has Rash Around Mouth

He had a rash around his mouth, looked like big chapped lips that had spread the width of the pacifier, and i didn't feel comfortable using ointments and ...

Remedy for Two Year Old Daughter with Really Chapped Lips

But the real problem is she has the worst chapped lips. ... Carmex isn't any good when it comes to already chapped. .... Cracked and Bleeding Mouth ...

6 Mo. Old with Cracked Lip

Lanolin works great and it is safe for the baby's mouth. Helpful? .... Trying to Break Daughters Habit of Licking Her Mouth, It's So Chapped and Red ...

Severe Dry Skin on Lips

If she is breathing through her mouth at night this can really dry the lips out. Mine actually will not only get chapped, but will split on the inside from ...
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