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Public Restroom Diaper Changing W/o Counter

Read all 71 responses: "My daughter's asking for any/all ideas for diaper- changing an infant in a public restroom if there is no area provided and no flat ...

Help with Changing Poopy Diapers

Jul 26, 2009 ... Read all 13 responses: "So my 20 month old daughter has decided she hates to have her butt wiped with messy poopy diapers, which she's had ...

Fussy Infant During Diaper Changing

Read all 13 responses: "I have an 8 month old who just recently started getting very fussy during diaper changes. He used to be no problem at all.

6 Month Won't Stay on Back During Diaper Changing

Read all 4 responses: "HI Moms, Anyone have an advice on what I can do or why my daughter might be flipping over onto her stomach and fights me alomost ...

Diaper Rash

Finally, a friend of mine has a 7 month old with horrible rash and had to change the brand of diaper- she switched to a diaper without chlorine; ...

Diaper Rash

Also, try to change the diaper frequently - I even changed hers in the middle of the night. As for cream, I recommend something with zinc oxide in it. ...

Diaper Rash

Now I put something on him at every diaper change (whether he has a rash or not) and I ... It would be fine one diaper change and the next she would be raw. ...

Newborn BOY Leaking Out of His Diaper and Sick of Changing His Clothes

Read all 7 responses: "Okay, so I know when they are real little, it is normal to do a couple of oufit changes a day but.... I have a 11 day old baby boy ...

Diaper Rash - on Going

I would alternate the cream with triple paste at each diaper change. The kind of diapers and wipes you are using could be the problem. ...

Diarrhea & Awful Diaper Rash

Also, when changing his diaper. Forego the diaper wipes. They contain soap, which will sting very badly. Instead, use warm water and a wash cloth (gently). ...
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