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Special Diet & Volume Control - Please Help!

I was diagnosed with celiac's disease about 6 years ago. When I changed my diet I lost 148 lbs in a years time and have since kept it off. ...

Gluten Free Holidays

I also have Celiac Disease and have found that my family and my husband's family really accomodate my life style during the holidays. ...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastroparesis

Have you ruled out celiac diease? Celiac disease is often mis-diagnosed as IBS. Celiacs has an intolerance to gluten (which is in many products). ...

Gluten Allergies

Hi M., I do not know too much about gluten alleriges although my mom has celiac disease and is a very strict diet! I would start with the celiac foundation ...

More and More Food Allergies

I would have her checked for Celiac Disease. Left untreated other allergies can develop. Even though this is an autoimmune disease. ...

Seeking Advice on Gluten, Citric Acid , Msg,and Sugar Free Recipes

There is this great website for those who have Celiac's disease. .... My son-in- law has Celiac Disease, which is the inability to process gluten. ...

18 Month Old Boy, Hardly Eating

Weeks of dr. visits, they finally saw some specialists, it was first thought that he had celiac disease, which is allergy to gluten) and after another blood ...

Children W/ Food Allergies, Any Recipes for Breads, Banana with No Milk,egg,lard

Have they been tested for Celiac Disease? Check out this website for recipes www .delphiforum/celiac.com. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Rice Milk

I have celiac disease myself (food allergy to gluten) and it is genetic so I have my 15 month son on a very light easy diet until they can test him to see ...

Son Not Growing

I would look into celiac disease Running to the bathroom when eating is not right You should find a pediatric gastroenterologist to have him tested There is ...
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