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Ceiling Texture Falling off - Totally Random

C.Z. asks from Omaha

Ok i will admitt when the people who previously had the house did something, it was rarely done right. Now in two of the 3 bedrooms the ceiling ( and some of the act...


Popcorn Textured Ceiling

B.K. asks from Albuquerque

Does anyone know how to paint a popcorn textured ceiling? Even something as light as brushing off cobwebs makes pieces of texture fall. Should as much as possible be ...


Mixing and Applying Texture to Paint....

C.S. asks from Dallas

Just steamed off some wallpaper and the walls really need some texture. I bought a box of the mix-it-yourself with paint and now I am having second thoughts about my...


Popcorn Ceiling Removal

A.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone out there know what it costs to have a popcorn ceiling scraped off? Also, did that cost include retexturing and painting or was that extra? If it was e...


Washing a Textured Ceiling (To Get Rid of Smoke Residue)

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

We moved into our house 6 years ago. The previous owners smoked in their office, which is now baby's room. We repainted the walls when we moved in. Now that it's wint...


Trying to Find Some Stars and Clouds to Hang from Ceiling in My Baby's Room...

G.M. asks from Phoenix

Do any of you parents know, or have seen Stars and Clouds that I can tac on the ceiling in my baby's room? I've got my son's room in Creamy Chocolate and Merry Go Ro...


Painting with Popcorn Ceilings

D.S. asks from Denver

I need to paint, but we have those horrible popcorn ceilings. I really don't need the ceiling painted, but do need the walls. Is there a trick to painting against the...


Ripping down Wallpaper and Popcorn ceilings..grrrr

T.R. asks from Sherman

I really want to update my bathroom by getting rid of the wallpaper and popcorn ceilings....any suggestions on the best method? Could I Just paint over the wallpaper...


Wall Decals

D.B. asks from Dallas

Hi everyone- I am shopping for wall decals and the description always says to apply to a clean smooth surface. The walls in my home were textured prior to painting....


How to texture over wallpaper?

D.D. asks from Dallas

I am looking into getting the wallpaper off in one of our bathrooms and getting the walls painted. The walls underneath the wallpaper are not textured. Is it necess...

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