cauterized tubal

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Tubal Ligation "Tubes Tied"

I'd have to say that the majority of people I know who've had a tubal have had no issues. .... ectopic pregnancy after tubal ligation · cauterized tubal ...

Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation?

Had a tubal ligation in January 2007, supposedly tubes were cauterized. Extremely regular with my periods. I have a partner and we are sexually active. ...

What are the symptoms and side effects of tubal ligation?

They went in through two small incisions in my tummy, clipped and cauterized the tubes. ... It has the same effects as a tubal, but not as evasive. ...

Seeking Moms That Have Had There Tubes Tied

In all 4 cases the tubes were cut and cauterized, but the tubes actually healed & regrew to meet .... and vesectomy · my best friend moms · cauterized tubal ...

Tubal Ligation

Sep 25, 2009 ... I know someone who had a surprise baby 10 yrs. after a tubal. You have to make sure the tubes are cauterized (burned) because tubes can come ...

Nose Bleeds

My husband had nose bleeds as a child and had his cauterized. I would not advise this as later .... runny nose blood · why is my nose dry · cauterized tubal ...

Endometriousus (SP)

cauterized tubal · bleeding with clots during pregnancy · bleed clots · fibroid tumors during pregnancy. Topics: Tummy Time · Table Foods · Traveling by ...

Experience with NovaSure Procedure/endometrial Ablation

After I had my second child and a tubal ligation I decided to have the .... Mine was, I believe, the one where the inside is burned or cauterized. ...

Experience with Tubal Ligation, "Essure" or Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome???

I have found a lot of info. on "post tubal ligation syndrome". It sounds..." ... AND...also check into whats best...getting cauterized too, clamps or tied? ...

Started Period Five Days Late, Ept Test Negative, Now Very Heavy Bleeding

Oct 7, 2009 ... Depending upon what type of tubal ligation was done (tied vs cauterized) there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy or that it came untied ...
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  • had a tubal ligation in 5 answers "I had a tubal ligation done after my 3rd child was born and I suffered very little ..."
  • had no side effects in 2 answers "I have had no side effects and found the whole procedure very easy."
  • take a home pregnancy test in 2 answers "If you take a home pregnancy test and are negative, you might be pre-menopausal."
  • long heavy periods in 2 answers "I went from having two week long heavy periods to some occasional light spotting."
  • birth control pills in 2 answers "Eventually, I ended up taking low dose birth control pills, with equal amounts of ..."