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A Cat I Can No Longer Afford

Oct 15, 2009 ... I have had my cat Huck (Huckleberry) for 5 years and he is an ... mine left (6 yrs ago) we had 3 children, 4 dogs and 6 rescued kittens. ...

Female Cat Marking Her Territory??

We took in a rescue cat and her 2 kittens in Aug. We had to wait until she fully weaned her kittens before we could get her fixed, we almost had her go into ...

Rats!! Ideas on How to Get Rid of Them!

Sep 30, 2009 ... Well we already have two cats but they are still young enough to be ... kitten factory on our property which produces ferrel cats at an ...

My Daughter and Dogs

Does your husband like cats Maybe get a kitten instead to teach your daughter how to care for an animal that doesnt require as much care Kittenscats are ...

Neighbor Lets Cat Live Outside

Read all 15 responses: "We have a neighbor who lets their cat live outside. ... his i5 year old daughter whom was given a sweet black kitten called tabby. i ...

Allergies and Cats

Read all 13 responses: "Everyone in my family is allergic to cats, ... If My Son Was Allergic to Our New Kittens What Types of Allergies Would He Have? ...

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Put Your Cat Down?

Read all 21 responses: "Good Morning, Our cat Patches is ailing (about ... Where they could run and play like they did when they were kittens and puppies. ...

Cat Crying Constantly

Some cats live into their 20's and have a clean bill of health and play like kittens into their late teens. I should know since I work at a very good cat ...

21 m.o. "Playing" Rough with Baby Kitty...

May 18, 2009 ... In November after being catless for nearly 2 years we rescued a 5 week old kitten. We never allowed our child and the cat together ...

Please Help Me Get Out the Smell of Cat Urine Out of My Futon Cushion

Read all 29 responses: "I have been having alot of issues with my cat peeing ... So she's back with us as no humane shelters are taking kittens right now. ...
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  • their own litter box in 2 answers "Also each cat should have their own litter box."
  • urinary tract infection in 2 answers "... to check with your vet to make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection."
  • huge animal lover in 2 answers "Michelle, I am a huge animal lover too, but I definitely would not cause a rift with ..."
  • called zero odor in 2 answers "... on a product we ordered online that the vet recommended - its called Zero Odor ..."
  • stay away from cats in 2 answers "I think, if it were me, I'd stay away from cats."