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How to Tell If a Child Is Allergic to Cats?

Apr 23, 2009 ... Read all 9 responses: "Hi everyone- We just brought two cats home to ... Next question: If My Son Was Allergic to Our New Kittens What Types ...

Cat Urine Smell!

Well first let me tell you the story..there are 4 cats hanging around my house/ and underneath it and they are ... cats for adoption · cats and kittens ...

Thinking of Adopting a Kitten.

We had two cats with our babies and there were no problems. If you adopt the kitten through a rescue organization like the Humane Society, they will be able ...

Cats Spraying

All my cats are fixed and I have a male that constantly marks his territory. .... Believe me, I live in a zoo and right now have 4 extra feral kittens I am ...

Help I Have Two Cat I Need to Get Rid Of

There are so many cats out there that need homes in the first place and most people want to adopt cute kittens. Maybe you were never a cat person to begin ...

Indoor Cat with Fleas... Suggestions on Defleaing Her and House

Read all 32 responses: "Some Siamese/pursian kittens were born at my daughers house. I got the runt female kitten. She has been only indoor cat.

Does Castor Oil Work?

This includes a large dog and 2 small dogs, as well as 2 cats and 2 kittens. The kittens actually seem fine, and the large cat does. But one cat and the ...

Child's Fear of Dogs and Cats...

I was almost five when I got my first cat as a kitten, and it was awesome. There are a ton of kittens that need to be adopted out ... a good store to go to ...

Cats and the Christmas Tree

Water in a spray bottle worked for us a few years ago when our cat was a kitten but we had to stand guard for a few days and be consistent every time he ...

My Newly-pregnant Daughter Needs to Give Away Cats - URGENT!

After trying to be preganant for three years, my daughter (having taken in stray cats and kittens - 5 of them) over time, probably acting upon maternal ...
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  • never heard of using castor oil in 2 answers "Hey A., I have never heard of using castor oil, however you can buy worm medication ..."
  • buy a bag of charcoal in 2 answers "Buy a bag of charcoal briquettes."
  • put moth balls in 2 answers "I heard to put moth balls around the house and the cats will stay away."
  • change the litter box in 3 answers "I still would get her significant other to change the litter box just because of the ..."
  • put a flea collar in 2 answers "I also read once that you should put a flea collar in your vacuum bag to help keep ..."