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Help Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell!

Read all 20 responses: "We adopted a kitten about 5 months ago and he has decided to spray and urinate in my daughter's room in this one particular spot on ...

Removing Cat Urine from Leather Furniture

Read all 10 responses: "We have a 7 year old spayed cat who is normally a very good cat but lately she is being very naughty! We have recently been gone for ...

Cat Urine Odor

Read all 17 responses: "We've recently moved from overseas to Burke. We rented a TownHouse through the internet - using real estate agents etc.

HELP. SOS Getting Rid of Cat Urine and Feral Cats.

Read all 30 responses: "I need help. We have feral cats peeing on our porch and they urinated on our toddlers car seat. I need help in how to remove the ...

How to Get Smell of Cat Urine Out of Sofa

Read all 24 responses: "Our cat peed on our sofa a couple of days ago. I have had someone come out to professionally clean it and he put something on it ...

Pee on Couch

There is a good product on the market called Urine Gone. It worked well with cat urine the first time. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Need Carpet Cleaner to Get Rid of Cat Urine on Carpet

Read all 8 responses: "Can anyone recommend a good carpet cleaner (professional or do it your self remedy) to get rid of cat urine on wall to wall carpet?

HELP!! How to Get Urine Out of My Sofa!!!!

I have cats and there is nothing like the smell of cat urine when they spray, .... Hi - there is a product sold in pet stores designed for cat urine but I ...

Eeeek!!! Cat Pee Smell>>> No Cat!!!

Read all 6 responses: "So... My family and I just got the keys to our new home. Problem is the previous tenant had a cat litter box in the garage and/or ...

How Do I Get That Awful Urine Smell Out of My Carpet??

It's possible that the urine has seeped into the carpet pad. The only sure-fire way to ... Does Anyone Know How to Get the Smell of Cat Urine Out of Carpet? ...
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