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Friend's Cat Has Been Urinating/defacating on the Floor

Read all 20 responses: "My friend is in a big bind with her cat, and hoping someone might have ... moving boxes · apartment sale · cat toys · cat furniture ...

Need a Place to Board My Dogs and Cat During Thanksgiving

My neighbor, Nicole, does a dog/cat sitting business out of her home. ... They have a backyard with toys and everything to let them play. ...

Cat's Peeing Everywhere in Basement

I LOVE Cats, thankfully our cat goes potty outside and comes back in. .... moving boxes · dog and cat · financial advisors · cat toy · cat and dog · cat off ...

Cat Crying Constantly

Read all 11 responses: "My cat Tinker is 18 yrs old, almost blind and deaf. ... If you put a toy with your scent on it there she may be comforted by it. ...

Need Advice About Potty Habits for My Adult Cat.

Can anyone tell my why my adult, male cat, who is neutered, ... Some new toys to distract him, and fresh litter (that doesn't smell like his friend) could ...

Cat Peeing on Everything Now That Baby Is Here!

... table and I make sure every night that all the toys and books are put away. ..... I don't know how you've been able to handle your cat peeing on things ...

Trying to Decide If We Should Get a Cat

They will play with the kids for hours with little cat toys. The cats sleep with the girls. In my case I was glad that we got two litter mates because they ...

Need Help with Cat Pee Smell

Read all 19 responses: "So I know cat urine is really hard to get out but I ... (The same product works on books and toys, by the way - using a clean cloth. ...

What to Tell 2-Year-olds About Death of Our Cat

You might want to place a picture of your cat on a table with it's favorite toy and light a candle in a protective glass...say a simple prayer or just a few ...

Need Help with a Cat-Edited My Q for All of the Responses I Got.

One website suggested getting a big cat carrier or crate that is only for that specific cat. Put some toys, blanket, food, water in it. Don't shut him in, ...
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