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Help!! Cat Sitter!!

You have got to get the cats fixed and up to date on shots. If you cannot afford them please let a pet rescue (no-kill) group take them for you. ...

Female Cat Marking Her Territory??

We took in a rescue cat and her 2 kittens in Aug. We had to wait until she fully weaned her kittens before we could get her fixed, we almost had her go into ...

Help! Older Cat Won't Stop Marking MY TERITORY!

The thing that worked with my cat is Rescue Remedy. I give her 4 drops a day and it calms her and keeps her from peeing. If I stop, she starts peeing again. ...

What Would You Do If Your Cat........????

Finding a cat a home can be a challenge. Check with rescue groups. is a good place to start--they offer all kinds of leads. ...

Allergies and Cats

If you truly want a cat, then you can look into breed specific rescue shelters. They will be less expensive. Good luck to you. 1 mom found this helpful ...

I Just Hit a Cat with My Car! What Do I Do?

I pulled a u-turn and parked in front of it - the cat was to the side of the road .... Fourth, I volunteer with an animal rescue team and, unfortunately, ...

Hamster or Guinea Pig

I agree, I would rescue a kitten. If you have a good place in a utility room or something for the litter box, then cats are way more interactive and ...

Finding the Right Dog

We recently adopted an older dog from TARA rescuetarasdreamorg We really ... of things were followed up onworms cattesting and microchip They found the vet ...


If you can't afford a vet, contact a cat rescue in your area. They are often familiar with handrearing kittens and can give you advice as well. ...

Wanting to Adopt a Kitten

All the local shelters list their pet so you can rescue a needy kitten! ... I just happened to have a female cat that I found as a stray about two months ...
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