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What to Do with My Cat?

Read all 5 responses: "Hi ladies, I have a beautiful cat (she looks part bengel) She has a sweet disposition but has been urinating on clothes and bedding.

Cat's Peeing Everywhere in Basement

My cats, Tinsel and Garland are 7 years old and completely declawed and neutered and I otherwise LOVE them to death, but they pee everywhere in the basement ...

Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell on Furniture

Read all 15 responses: "My friend has a cat and has said he has tried everything ... Next question: My Cat Is Peeing in Other Places Besides Her Litter Box! ...

Cat Has Lost His "Meow"

My cat did the same thing last year....she always talked and then suddenly stopped. Then one day, she threw up a worm and the vet told us she was infested ...

Help....Cats Peeing on Floor...

Petsmart has a spray called "NO GO", there is something in it i guess they don't like and that worked for my cat. You have to spray it probably once a week. ...

My Sons 9Th Grade Class Uses Cats for Dissection

Sep 16, 2009 ... Read all 29 responses: "I just found out that my sons 9th grade bio class uses cats for dissection. I was horrified to hear this.

Why Would Our Cat Stop Using Her Cat Box After 12 Perfect Years?!?

could be urinary issues. my cat does that when not on the right food and gets ... My recommendation is to see your veterinarian to evaluate your cat as soon ...

Air Filter for Cat Litter Dust Problem?

I use ScoopAway clumping cat litter for my 2 cats. ... I couldn't go with any kind of pellet because one of my cats is neurotic and stopped using the box ...

Cat Urinating on Carpet

Read all 5 responses: "Our 8 year-old cat is urinating on my dining room ... When I moved, one of my cats started peeing in my living room and on my bed! ...

Need Help with a Cat-Edited My Q for All of the Responses I Got.

Read all 29 responses: "I am at my absolute wits end with one of my cats. My male cat, which is neutered, does not know what a litter box is anymore.
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