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Cat's Peeing Everywhere in Basement

you need a litter box for each cat, and they need to be cleaned at least every other day. Cats don't like sharing litter boxes too well esp. dirty litter ...

Help - Cat Pooping on Carpet

You need another litter box. Rule of thumb is a litter box for each cat plus 1. Keep all three clean. And make sure there isn't a physical problem. ...

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

My cat isn't picky about what litter I use and I don't think she would be afraid of it. (a friend said her cat wouldn't use it as he was afraid of it) I ...

Cat Urinating on Carpet

I still use the Cat Attract litter but no Rescue Remedy. If there is an upset in our family i put her back on the Rescue Remedy for a short period of time, ...

Litter Box Stinks(duh) Litter Suggestions

As much as I hate to spend too much money on litter this cat is NASTY. she poops like ... I prefer tidy cat (multi-cat formula) personally for kitty litter. ...

Cat No Longer Uses the Litter Box

Read all 28 responses: "I have two cats, littermates, a male and a female who are 8 years old. One of them, the male I believe, has started urinating ...

10 Year Old Cat Suddenly Stopped Using the Litter Box

Aug 19, 2009 ... Read all 20 responses: "We got this 5 month old cat 10 years ago and she has never had an accident until now. At the beginning of the summer ...

Stinky Diaper Pail, Help!

You might try dry cat litter with soda if you can find it. Put the bag of litter into the pail opened and loose if possible. Set it in the garage or even ...

My Cat Is Peeing in Other Places Besides Her Litter Box!!

Read all 64 responses: "Okay, my cat is about 6 years old and this morning i found that she had peed on my 16 month olds little Elmo couch that folds out ...

Need Advice on Messy Cat

We spent the money on special cat litter and attractant, made sure that his cat box is ALWAYS clean, and we're always careful to clean up the mess and odor ...
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  • tidy cats clumping litter in 2 answers "... poop issues). As for litter, I have had luck with Tidy Cats clumping litter."
  • purina cat chow in 2 answers "I know it is pricey so the next best thing would be Purina Cat Chow."
  • urinary tract infection in 3 answers "I took him to the vet and we did treat him for urinary tract infection, but he still ..."
  • get a second litter box in 2 answers "... several things: get a food that is for urinary issues, get a second litter box ..."
  • enclosed litter box in 2 answers "The main thing that helps is using an enclosed litter box."