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How Do I Stop Cats from Peeing in My Plants?

I had this problem with my cat also. I tried everything and nothing worked. Then my mom said she read somewhere that cats hate the smell of Moth Balls (I do ...

Neighbor Lets Cat Live Outside

I am a huge cat lover and have 3 indoor cats. The best place for a cat to live is ... I would say something to humane society about the cat's welfare. ...

Sick Cat-Please Help

You are doing a reasonable thing by restricting him at nite, and then let out during the day when you're around - cat's sleep over 18 hours/day, ...

How to Tell If a Child Is Allergic to Cats?

Apr 23, 2009 ... Hello - I don't think it would be a cat allergy. I am SUPER allergic to cats. My nose runs off my face, my eyes goop up and seep nasty stuff ...

Ideas on How to Keep Cat Out of Nursery

For everybody's safety, health, and peace of mind, make sure your cat's immunizations are up-to-date. And try to keep him indoors (I know that there are ...

Cat Mad at My Daughter?

If there are two cats in the household one of them the top cat. ... I didn't have the time to try to change my cat's behavior but, I have heard of people ...

Cat Incontinence Issue

i am at me wits end with my almost 6 year old cat. within the last year he has started poohing next to his litter boxes. we have 4 cats and 4 littler boxes. ...

Cat- Home Remedy for Fur Balls?

we used cat laxative, which is just flavored vaseline. It works like a charm, you can buy it at Petsmart or even target for under $5. We also have our cats ...

Need Ideas on What to Do with Cat While on Vacation!

However, the cats are free to roam the building. The have chairs, ledges, etc. to lay around on and toys to play with. It might be a place you cat would ...

Cat Ran Away

Your son could plant a perennial plant in a special spot in the yard for the cat , or make a donation to a rescue shelter in your area in the cat's memory. ...
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