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How Do You Know When It Is Time to Put Your Cat Down?

As far as the kids are concerned, given there age, you want to make sure, once you do go through with it, that you tell them that your cat "died", ...

Cat's Peeing Everywhere in Basement

There might be a reason one of the cats started doing this, old age etc.... then the other cat followed. Ya never know. It is extremely hard to get that ...

Need to Curb Young, Active Cat's Nocturnal Activities -- We're Sleep-deprived!

Our last cat had to be put to sleep over the summer at age 14, so it had been a long time since I had a young cat -- and I had been 14 years younger and ...

Daytime Naps

This leads to several cat naps throughout the day instead of two long naps. ... broken down to your specific age group after you get past the first chapter. ...

What to Do with a Pet That Has Passed Way

i know this is off the subject, but my family's cat has passed away (old age, appearently yesterday). I noticed that i didnt see her yesterday and this ...

Cat and a 3 Year Old

Depending on the age the cat is and the personality of the cat, some cats feel the need to defend themselves with their teeth after getting declawed. ...

15 Yr. Old Cat Peeing- How Do I Know If It's Serious?

I have a 20 year old cat that is also peeing around the house. In his case it is his age and senility. 15 is not too young to start to wonder about age ...

Pending Appt. to Take Cats to the Vet for 'The Last Visit'

We had to elderly cats. One lived to be 17 the other 18. The eldest just died back in NOvember. When the first one died she was your sons age. ...

When Are Kittens Ready to Leave Mama Cat?

We just picked up two new kittens who are sisters and I haven't had cats since i was a kid. At what age are they ready to leave their moms? ...

5 Month Old Cat Scan??

Sep 6, 2009 ... this is K. H. ok real quick a cat scan on a five month old sounds more like the doctor wants you to make his next .... More age groups ...
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  • human food or adult cat food in 2 answers "... that the food you feed your pet is very important. Human food or adult cat food ..."
  • some wet cat food in 2 answers "what we always do is mix some wet cat food in with the dry cat food, then we just ..."
  • little evaporated milk in 2 answers "I have always put a little evaporated milk or water in the kitten food."
  • six to eight weeks in 2 answers "Six to eight weeks is when kittens can be removed from mama, I have 2 who I am trying ..."
  • dry cat food in 2 answers "if they were still weaning, them they may not eat dry cat food really well."