carpeting a basement

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Empire Carpet

Read all 5 responses: "Has anyone had carpeting put in by Empire? ... We were going to have our basement and basement stairs done. Big basement. ...

Wet Smell in Basement

My sister's house got water in the basement over the weekend. ... They pulled up a little bit of carpet, but nothing was damaged. ...

Cat Urine Smell?

Or, if it was a new house, cats or other animals may have hid out in the basement when the house was open. Either way, do you have carpet or panneling down ...

Need Inexpensive Way to Protect Carpet

I want to set up a craft area for him where we can work with paints and things like that, but the play room (our basement) is carpeted. ...

Carpet Cleaning Options

I had them clean the used (from the auto show) white carpet that we installed in the basement and it looks perfect now. They did some spot cleaning with a ...

Basement Leaking

We bought our house 2 years ago and while the basement is unfinished, ... he said there was no need for him; just get rid of the damaged wood and carpeting. ...

How to deal with cat peeing on floor?

Her litter box is in the basement, I keep it clean and I havent changed. ... If it is a carpeted area you may have to pull up the carpet and treat all the ...

Cat's Peeing Everywhere in Basement

We had to tear up a bunch of tiles in the basement when it flooded, so now it's just ... We've had to remove the carpet and subflooring to get the odor out. ...

Getting the Stink Out of the Basement

Read all 5 responses: "My basement flooded because of all of the crazy rain ... If any soft surfaces (ie- drywall, carpet, etc) got wet, they should be ...

Basement Remodleing Question

I have a very old home and cement walls in my basement and hanging anything is difficult. ... I'm going to use rugs instead of carpet, we have an exterior, ...
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