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Highlighter on My Carpet

A.G. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know how to get yellow highlighter out of white carpet? I have a very creative daughter! :-) Thanks, A.


Cats and Carpet?

A.M. asks from Peoria

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get as much cat hair out of carpet as possible? Also we seem to have a ton of littler in the can hear it when you ...


Is the Shark Steam Mop Any Good?

M.W. asks from Orlando

I have been wanting to buy the Shark Steam Mop to clean my tiled kitchen and bathroom floors, but don't want to spend the almost $100.00 IF it does not work. Do you o...


Vomit on Carpet

M.T. asks from Austin

So over the weekend my son threw up on the carpet. I cleaned up all I could and then followed that with scrubbing with carpet cleaner. After all of that could still s...


Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carpet

K.G. asks from Chicago

So we moved into our new house and there is carpet everywhere. As you might have guess, I don't like carpet. Our old house had hardwood floors everywhere. I can't aff...


Carpet Cleaners

D.J. asks from Los Angeles

what's the best carpet cleaner you ladies have found, or, do I have to hire someone to clean my carpets to get the best result? Thanks for you input.


Carpet Cleaning

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I had posted a question earlier about getting my carpet cleaned before baby starts crawling.I got some replies telling it's not safe for babies and having corelation ...


Swiffer Bissell Steam Mop?

C.S. asks from Miami

Good afternoon moms! So the ads have finally gotten to me. I looked at the Swiffer Bissell Steam Mop but couldn't decide if it would really work well or if it was...


Crayon on the Carpet

N.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to remove blue crayon from my creme carpet? My lovely little daughter has decided that she would rather color on anything other ...

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  • shark steam mop in 8 answers "I have a friend who owns the Shark Steam Mop - I believe - and loves it... I would ..."
  • bissell steam mop in 2 answers "I have the Bissell Steam Mop, which is very similar to the Shark mop."
  • called natures miracle in 2 answers "I would try a product called Nature's Miracle odor and stain removal."
  • had candle wax in 2 answers "I did this when i had candle wax on my carpet and it took it right up."
  • use a brown paper in 2 answers "... who has worked in the carpet cleaning business for 17yrs, says use a brown paper ..."