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Shark Steam Mop

A.S. asks from Reading

i just got the shark vac and steam mop over xmas so i dont have to use chemicals around my 9 month old. im kind of afraid to use it on my laminate hardwood flooring t...


Crayon and Carpet

M.G. asks from Dallas

Our son did something way out of character and wrote with crayon all over our carpet. We do have a Bissel steam cleaner, but we haven't tried it yet. I want to get ...


Dying Carpet

O.M. asks from Albuquerque

I have to sell my home but unable to replace the carpet because of financial reasons. Stains especially coffee have been impossible to remove. Under the carpet are w...


Carpet Cleaning

A.L. asks from Chicago

HI Ladies, Has anyone used stanley steemer for carpet cleaning? Thank you


Carpet Cleaning

B.R. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any home remedies or ideas on how to clean carpet.


Carpet Worries

J.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi, I need some major help. I have two dogs and I am trying to sell my house. My one dog has occasionally peed on the floor and we have cleaned it up as quick as po...


Shark Steam Mop

A.R. asks from Houston

Hello . . .I know I am SOOOOO 44 years old to be excited about a steam mop . . but I had to recommend this to moms - especially ones with crawling babies! My kids ...


Carpet Cleaner

S.P. asks from Denver

Does anyone know of a good carpet cleaning company that isn't very expensive? I need someone as soon as possiable.


Advice on Steam Mop

J.H. asks from Colorado Springs

Have any of you tried the steam mops? If so whats your opinion? I think they look really nice, but most of the reviews online don't look all that great. I'd really li...


Carpet Help!!!

J.H. asks from Kansas City

I need some advice on the best way to completely get vomit and toothpaste out of medium height carpet.

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  • 20 percent off coupon in 3 answers "I purchased mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used the 20% off coupon."
  • bissell steam mop in 2 answers "I hear you, I have a Bissell steam mop and it saves me so much time."
  • shark steam mop in 2 answers "I have the Shark Steam Mop and I love it."
  • natures miracle in 7 answers "I just wanted to give another vote for Natures Miracle."
  • odo ban in 2 answers "use some odo ban,available at home depot, spray it down a lot."