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Shark Steam Mop & the "Tobi" Steam Iron

M.C. asks from Nashville

Ok, I got sucked into the infomerical for the Shark Steam Mop this weekend. I was very impressed with how it seemed to clean the hardwood and ceramic tile, which is w...


Are Steam Vacs Worth It?

C.S. asks from Chicago

We are thinking of getting a steam vacuum because we have very light carpet. Now that we have a kid, our carpet gets tons of spots on it. Originally our plan was to ...


Haan Steam Cleaner

R.S. asks from Dallas

Has anyone used the Haan Steam Cleaner? Is it worth it?


Floor Steam Cleaners

F.K. asks from Charlotte

Have any of you tried the Haan floor steam cleaner or the Shark floor steam cleaner? I need to replace my carpet shampooer and I was considering trying something lik...


Wax off Carpet

S.O. asks from Amarillo

How do I take candle wax off my carpet?


Water Used in Steam Mop

D.C. asks from Dallas

What kind of water do you use in your steam mop -- tap, distilled, etc.? Have you experimented with adding vinegar, tea tree oil, or anything like that to the water?...


Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner

R.C. asks from Houston

Hello Moms. Has anyone purchased the Monster 1200 Steam Cleaner? I am thinking about purchasing this product but I need some feed back about this item. Thanks.


Clean Carpet

*.M. asks from Tucson

Im looking for a really good way to clean my carpets without spending a lot of money........i wanted to do steam cleaning but don't know if its worth it.....any ideas...


Carpet Cleaning

V.B. asks from Madison

How can I find a good carpet cleaner?


Looking for a Great Steam Mop

S.S. asks from Lexington

has anyone used a steam mop for there hard floors? i am trying to use less chemicals in our home, and would really like to have a steam mop, but the ones i have looke...

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