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How Do I Get That Awful Urine Smell Out of My Carpet??

For regular shampooing I make my own shampoo also.... 1 cup liquid laundry soap ... It's possible that the urine has seeped into the carpet pad. ...

High Traffic Areas

I also recommend for big areas, A carpet shampoo. At Wallmart in the customer service area they have some that you can rent and they work really well. ...

Cat Urine Odor

I have a great recipe for a deodorizer to use in a carpet shampooer (is that what it's called? lol), too long to list here, you can email me @ [email protected] ...

Oh the Smell of Pee :(

For stains, I always soaked the stain in carpet shampoo for pet stains and then covered with a rag or towel until it was mostly dry, then cleaned the spot ...

Looking for a Really Good Carper Cleaner

We are wanting to purchase a really good quality carpet cleaner/shampooer. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a really good one out there? ...


Oxy Clean- spray it on let it sit and then wipe it clean-then shampoo the carpet . Works great....Simple Green will also clean it up-finger nail polish ...

Crying over Spilt Milk

The milk soaked into the carpet. I have tried to clean it but the smell is ... and 417 a car wash place that has a self-service car shampoo machine, ...

Pet Stains

I have question I'm helping a lady that has a pet stain on her carpet,I took my shampooer over and pet order and stain removal stuff but the stain is still ...


Also, you can use Tea-Tree shampoo once or twice a week in lue of regular ... things that cannot be laundered (couches, chairs, CARPET, rugs, ANIMALS). ...

How Do You Get Throw up Smell Out of Carpet???

I had my carpets cleaned by Sears and they advised me to use a solution of .... or two then shampoo it up also i use laundry detergent in my shampooer-like ...
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