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Wood Floor Cleaner

If you need a good cleaner for your floor u can pick up an armstrong product from any local floorstoor such as jerrys or carpet king or flooring expo. ...

15 Month Old - Banging Head on Floor

Apr 22, 2009 ... Sit on the floor, hold him with his back to your chest, .... pick him up and carry him to his room(where the floor was covered in carpet). ...

Don't Use Kiwi Carpet Cleaning

My carpet doesn?t even look like it has been cleaned and you can?t tell the ... He used what appeared to be a floor buffer and squirted the 'cleaning" ...

Concrete Floors & Carpet

Any way, my stained floor is gorgeous and so easy to care for. I plan to pull all of the carpet out of my house and stain the rest of the concrete as well. ...

How Do You Remove Nail Polish from a Hard Wood Floor??

They have a producted call sol- u- mel and it is go for get out stain in carpet hard wood floor any many other things. I tryed it on my carpet wher my kids ...

Kiwi Carpet Cleaning service..pros and Cons???

Anyway, the carpets looked decent and smelled good, but when he used the machine along the walls, it slung up sludge and stuff along my floor boards and he ...

Cleaning with a Floor Mate

Read all 8 responses: "Does anyone own/use the Bissell Floor Mate for ... but a few weeks ago we cleaned all the carpet in the house with vinager and water, ...

Empire Flooring Company

Last year I used CC Carpet for ceramic tile floor plus carpeting and was very satisfied with their price and quality of work. Helpful? ...

Cleaning the Smell of Urine Out of a Carpet

I use a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water to do my kitchen floor, but I would use a higher concentration for the carpet. Pet stores and supermarkets sell ...

Help! My Daughter's Carpet Is Oaked.

Oct 20, 2009 ... how to deal with a very wet carpet that has been wet since Monday? ... completely dry in 2 answers carpet and floor dry outhuge fans ...
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  • recoat with appropriate finish or wax in 2 answers "... finish has been removed in that area, recoat with appropriate finish or wax."
  • dollars 4 per room in 2 answers "... do a good job at getting stains out, and you sure can't beat the $ 4 per room ..."
  • banging his head in 3 answers "If he is kicking put your leg over his and if he is still banging his head use your ..."
  • hard wood floor in 2 answers "I'm not sure what this would do to a hard wood floor...but... I was able to take ..."
  • magic eraser in 3 answers "I had no luck with Magic Eraser, hairspray, shaving cream, or regular cleaners."