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Seeking Carpenter Ant Advice

M.M. asks from Detroit

Can anyone recommend a good pest control company to get rid of carpenter ants? I've tried Orkin in the past, and I guess they're OK, but they make you sign a long co...


Ant Trouble

B.W. asks from Columbus

Does anyone have any clue on how I can get rid of ants. I have bought those traps that they go into and take the food back to the colony and now they are back. I wa...


And the Ant Came Back the Very Next Day.....

R.F. asks from Portland

Mom of 3 in Keizer, OR living in a rental that has ants. I know that "ants" are normal in this area but it seems like we spray and the very next day the ants are goi...


My Kids Have Ant Bites

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, My sons just got bitten by ants, and I don't know what kind of ants they are. Should I be concerned? Should I do anything? Thank you!


Help! Freaking Out About Ants!

K.D. asks from Dallas

Can anybody offer a solution for getting rid of carpenter (and fire) ants once and for all? We have been working with a pest control service since November and now h...


Just Spotted Tiny Ants

J.M. asks from Rapid City

I just noticed tiny ants coming out from where my wall and floor meet. Ant suggestions on how to get rid of them?


ANTS That Just Won't Quit

E.B. asks from Chicago

I have the most random ant problem ever. We live on the third floor of an apartment building, and are very clean people. We have a n ant infestation in our bathroom...


Pest Control Needed in SW Arlington

L.V. asks from Dallas

I have ants in my kitchen! Not the little sugar ants, either. These suckers are big (but smaller than carpenter ants)! I need a reliable, affordable pest control c...



T.T. asks from Dallas

I have black (carpenter and sugar ants) in my dining room, kitchen and play room. I am looking for something to use inside the house that I can buy at Wal-Mart or so...


Ugh! Ants! Please Help...

E.X. asks from Kalamazoo

I woke up to an ant explosion in my kitchen (ugh!) and discovered they were walking right in, from a small gap in backdoor (which I tried blocking). I've tried the R...

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  • boric acid in 4 answers "For those suggesting boric acid, the Terro drops are a boric acid and sugar mixture."
  • around the outside of your house in 3 answers "Put used coffee grounds around the outside of your house and that will help."
  • cayenne pepper in 2 answers "Outside/greenhouse you can use a mixture of vinegar and cayenne pepper powder."
  • cayenne pepper in 2 answers "... natural pest repellants Ants: Sprinkle cinnamon, bay leaves, cayenne pepper ..."
  • home defense max in 2 answers "On the outside I spray Ortho Home Defense MAX."