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I Need a Good Foot Cream!

You can get the Burt's Bees foot care kit, I picked one up in best buy for $12.99. It comes with a pumice, 4.34oz of creme and a pair of coton socks. ...

Hand Foot Mouth

Take care of yourself too. This will pass soon! Helpful? ... My child hasn't personally had the Hand Foot and Mouth, but I can tell you that me and my ...

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

hi i used to work in a day care and hand foot and mouth is a virus that just has to run its course there is usually a fever a couple of days before the ...

Possible Wart on 3 Year Old's Foot

My daughter had a wart on the bottom of her foot... we took her to see a podiatrist, ..... fruit of the earth · skin peeling from hands · care foot ...

How to Be a Mom with a Broken Foot

Sorry to hear about your broken foot. I would have the 2 year old help as .... Maybe you can find an care provider on to come in a few days ...

Scaly Foot with Sore?

On the big toe and the ball of her foot is scaly and dry, and looks like her skin. ... Esp if in Day Care (you didn't say if your children are in Day Care, ...

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

my son had hand,foot,mouth at about 15months old. we were told and everything .... I had to have my son out of day care for 8 days and when he returned they ...

Two Year Old with Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease Won't Eat or Drink!

Read all 10 responses: "My daughter was diagnosed with Hand-Foot-Mouth ... Good luck and take care. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

My daughter got hand foot and mouth several times when she was younger because it is so highly contagious and it just spread throughout her day care. ...
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  • using tea tree oil in 2 answers "I would recommend using Tea Tree Oil (not full strength, but diluted). Every morning ..."
  • wart on the bottom of her foot in 2 answers "My 4-yr old daughter got a plantar's wart on the bottom of her foot."
  • hand foot and mouth in 4 answers "... the info you gave that your son only has the last part of Hand foot and mouth ..."
  • eugene curry in 3 answers "I went to a GREAT doctor with my broken ankle. Dr Eugene Curry, 9301 N Central Expressway ..."
  • foot and mouth disease in 2 answers "Sounds like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, aka Fifth's disease .....infectious viral ..."