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1St Birthday

For my daughter's second birthday, we did about the same thing but the theme instead was Carebear - she loves them and one of her gifts was a carebear and ...

New Birthday Party Ideas

They have a dinosaur party for boys and are going to be getting Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears this fall. For older girls, they have a Bella Bee ...

Good Educational Video Game System for Toddlers

Ours came with a game on counting and ABC, then we bought Care Bears. It come with one controller and you can buy another one. Got ours at Toys R Us 3 years ...

2 Year Old Refuses to Go to Bed

But in the mean time, the closest I ever came to breaking this habit was buying her Care Bears bedsheets. She loves Care Bears! It worked great until my ex ...

What to Do with Kitty Cat Blanket?

I know my cousin who is around the same age had a "Nonni", also a Care Bears blanket (someone elses post reminded me of this!) and it was worn down to a ...

9 Months Pregnant- Halloween Costume?

1st Day of School · After School Care · Day Care Centers & Providers .... added a heart to it and got some ears on a headband and was Tenderheart Care Bear. ...

1St Year B-day Party

When my 2 year old turned one last year, we had a Care Bears birthday party. We didn't really do anything as far as games, because she was too young to ...

Baby Tooth Care

Little Bear and many other brands have saccrrin (sp? .... It's never too early to start good oral care! My son is five and I wish I had payed better ...

Favorite Gifts for 5 Year Old

I have care bears for girls and spiderman for boys. All the kids I've given them to absolutely love them. Check out ...

Almost 6 Year Old Wants a Surprise Birthday Party

Take her out to buy a birthday bear (care bears used to have one) and let her know the party is a when she walks in early and everyone yells ...
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