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Opinions on Car Seats and Cribs

If you kid had an accident in a rental car seat you might not be as ... I remember having trouble traveling with my kids and counting on rental car seats. ...

Looking for Car Seat to Borrow/rent When a Friend Visits

You might try the National Safety Council of Omaha, Triple AAA or a car rental place. I know you can rent car seats when you rent cars so maybe you can just ...

Toddler Air Travel - Bring Car Seat?

However, we bring her booster seat since the car rentals can charge up to $75.00 for one with the car rental. You can check your carseat and stroller at the ...

Do We Bring the Car Seat?

Each time I've traveled with my son, I left the carseat at home, or checked it to use in the rental car. To me, it's not worth lugging around... esp if you ...

Sour Milk in Car Carpet

The coffee will filter the smell out of the car. I used to live in Florida and this happened to me when my DD was little. I also used to work for a rental ...

How Do You Travel with Your Kids?

Definitely take your car seats with you. You can check them onto the plane and ... just call around to come car rental places they'll give you some options. ...

Car Seat to Use After Airplane Travel

Are you renting a car? Many car rental agencies have baby seats to lend out with .... Are yolu renting a car when you get there? If you are the car rental ...

Car Seat and Air Travel

Finally, if you are renting a car, they do 'rent' car seats right from the car rental. They will have it buckled in when you pick up your car and they are ...

Traveling by Plane with Toddler and Possibly a Car Seat

I keep my car seat and travelmate attached from teh time we leave teh house until we get the rental car. On the plane i pop off the wheels which takes a ...

Need Advice in Buying a Car- Im in Irving Area

Well in Arlington and in Plano Enterprise, the car rental guys, sells cars under blue book value and have a 7 day money back guarantee minus fees. ...
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