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Flu Shot Advice

If it wasnt for my doctor my son would have caps over his perfectly good baby teeth b/c some dentist wanted to drain med.My childrens doctor is hard to ...

2 Yr. Old Chipped Front Tooth

The dentist said it was not a problem and since it was a baby tooth, ... is to put a cap on the tooth- the issue with this is as his teeth continue to grow ... I had the same problem with one of my teeth, small chip on the corner of the ...

Advice for Cradle Cap on 6 Month Old....

Both said that they would rub it on the cradle cap, letting it soak in, then taking a small baby comb with fine teeth and gently combing the area. ...

Dental Anxiety

Sep 14, 2009 ... baby teeth in 5 answersAre these baby teeth or adult ..... of it My son needed 8 yes eight caps and Dr Maye did it in one surgery My son was ...

Avent Baby Bottles Leaking

Just don't tighten the cap so tight. .... baby bottle nipples · avent feeding · avent sterilizer · silver caps on baby teeth · Also If ...

9 1/2 Month Old with Crooked Teeth

I have seen kiddos with crooked crazy baby teeth get perfect permanent teeth, ... He had to have one tooth pulled, two baby root canals and 4 caps! ...

Cavities in 4 Yr Old

Our regular dentist said that often with cavities placed in baby teeth,they .... Whether to Cap or Fill Baby Molars on 2 Year Old / Level of Pain to Expect ...

His Milk Teeth Have Cavities!

My daughter had 4 root canals and caps put on her 4 front teeth. .... I have heard of baby teeth getting cavities, but I've never heard of them ...

Tooth Decay on My 20 Month Old

The iron decayed 18 of his baby teeth. The dentist had to put silver caps on the decayed teeth. Even though they were baby teeth, the dentist said when they ...

My 2 Year Old Hates Toothbrushing

My youngest was born without enamal on his teeth so he has all caps on his baby teeth and his permanemt teeth are almost clear, not white. ...
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