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Need Advice on Being a Good Friend to My BFF with Breast Cancer

Sep 7, 2009 ... do not send flowers. cancer treatment and flowers do not go together. you could send her a package w/ some comfy clothes, like sweats that ...

How to prevent or cure mild dysplasia

If the dsyplasia worsens then sometimes they will do cryotherapy or such treatments to try to prevent it turning into cancer. ...

Looking for Idea's on a "Team Name" Doing the 3-Day BREAST CANCER WALK

Feb 27, 2009 ... My girlfriend did the avon walk last year while I was going thru all my breast cancer treatments. she named her team ...

Anyone Have Experience with Lupron (Sp?) for Endomitriosis?

Oct 8, 2009 ... I had tons of fertility treatments to conceive my two precious daughters, .... body treatment · alternative cancer treatment ...

Dealing with Melanoma and My 20yr.old Daughter

Her Pathology reports came back and she is cancer free. She will have to be checked every 3 months for awhile but no more treatments are needed right now. ...

How to Tell a 5 Year Old That Dad Has Cancer

After praying for a lot of people with cancer, I know why they call it a beast. It's wonderful that you're going .... cancer hospital · treatment for cancer ...

I Am Seeking Mom's Who Are Dealing with There Husbands That Have Cancer

I have had experience in my family with those who have cancer. It is all a process from diagnosis to treatments. It is such a hard time for everyone, ...

My Mother Has Terminal Brain Cancer - Should My 3Y/o Daughter Go to the Viewing?

I am so sorry about your mother My motherinlaw has lung cancer that spread to lymph nodes and bones and is ..... mom feet stories · treatments for cancer ...

Can You Really Get Pregnant 2 Weeks After Stopping the Pill?

About 3 months ago we had found out that my husband was diagnosed with cancer and would have to undergo chemotherapy. the treatment they were going to use ...

Hpv Positive

Because if it develops in to cancer the only treatment is a hysterectamy (as told to me by my OB) I was 23 at the time and did not want that. ...
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  • hear about your best friend in 3 answers "Hi S., I am so sorry to hear about your best friend."
  • had an abnormal pap in 4 answers "I had the cone procedure done years ago. Never had an abnormal pap again."
  • had to have a pap smear in 3 answers "... they managed to get all of the affected cells out. She had to have a pap smear ..."
  • ta tas in 2 answers "Save The Ta-Ta's"? I did the 2 day 2 years ago and saw a team w/ that-will never forget ..."
  • do the cone biopsy in 2 answers "T.. Do the cone biopsy. You are at stage three."