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Breast Cancer Care Package

Hello: I am a breast cancer survivor. chemo is the worst part of the treatment. If she had to have surgery, I loved the little pillow that I had to put ...

Seeking Some Encouraging Books for Friends Dealing with Cancer

Oncologist usually do NOT specialize in one cancer, oftentimes support groups have more information on treatments before the doctors. ...

Looking for Idea's on a "Team Name" Doing the 3-Day BREAST CANCER WALK

Feb 27, 2009 ... My girlfriend did the avon walk last year while I was going thru all my breast cancer treatments. she named her team ...

Help for Child with Cancer

L. Iw as not a childhood cancer patient but a recent breast cancer patient. Something that helped me ... Good luck with the treatments. I am saying prayers. ...

Need Advice for Someone About to Start Interferon Treatment for Hep.C

The best thing I ever did for myself was the Interferon treatments. ... breast cancer diagnosis treatment · eating disorders treatment · your mom needs ...

Aunt with Ovarian Cancer Having Chemo, Would It Be Weird to Be Bald?

I had breast cancer and took those dreadful chemo treatments and lost all my hair. It was slowing falling out and so as it started out I had a friend cut my ...

Seeking Comfort Gifts for Soemone Who Has Breast Cancer

My sister is a survivor of Breast Cancer. When she was going through chemo and radiation I put together a comfort bag for her to take to her treatments. ...

Have a Friend Who Needs Some Encouraging Words.....

I wanted to share with you about what happened to one of my best friends when she lost all her hair to her cancer treatments. I personally wasn't there ...

Mammogram While Breastfeeding

I had a close friend have a mammogram while breastfeeding and the doctors even did a biopsy and had her headed toward breast cancer treatments. ...

Seeking Gift Ideas for Friend Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

You have already gotten some great ideas... both my mom and Aunt had breast cancer... Patients can get cold while having their treatments, a shawl or small ...
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