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Son Has Trouble Catching Breath

His lungs get irritated in a sport that requires more running, especially if the weather ... I have a son who was misdiagnosed and ended up having cancer! ...

Preparing Children For/coping with Impending Death of Grandma/mom from Cancer

My mom's cancer started in her uterus then spread to her bones, lungs and now brain. She is going through her second radiation treatment, and may need to do ...

13 Mo. Old with Croup

cancer lungs · 13 months · cough croup · croup cough · pregnancy cough · cough pregnancy · 13 week pregnant · baby croup ...

Advice on Letter to Terminal Aunt

He had cancer of the brain too, it started in his lungs and moved to his brain, they found the cancer in Sept of 2005 and he pasted away in March of the ...

Help! How Do I Deal with the Neighbor Childs Lack of Hygiene

... personal care products may be related to the dramatic increase in breast cancer. ... These are actually quite bad for your lungs, as they atomize oily ...

How to Tell a 5 Year Old That Dad Has Cancer

... unsucessful as he could not swallow and it started going into his lungs. ... After praying for a lot of people with cancer, I know why they call it a ...

Seeking Guidance About Partner and Hodgkins Lymphoma

My uncle was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in the rectum that had spread to the liver and lungs. I found a product called Stem Enhance that has ...

Son Decided to Make It Snow in Florida at His Grandparents' House

There is so much c**p in baby powder that can do damage to his lungs. ... Plus, there is a possible link to cancer. Get rid of all of the baby powder so ...

Advice for a 40 Year Old Thinking About Having a Baby

My mom passed away in '96 of ovarian cancer that had spread to her lungs and my husband's mom passed in '97 from breast cancer. ...

Almost 5 Month Old on Zyrtec and Pulmicort

Bleach, window cleaner and air freshners are especially bad for asthma as they can irritate the lungs. Formaldehyde (a suspected cancer causing agent) is ...
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