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Percocet While Pregnant?

I was given percocet as well as some drugs to make sure it didn't get infected. ... under the cancer studies) for information on percocet during pregnancy. ...

Need Advice for Someone About to Start Interferon Treatment for Hep.C

... it - I believe the approved treatment is the two drugs administered together over a course of 48 weeks. .... What to Do for My Friend with Breast Cancer ...

Children with Adhd

... are two types of ADD On is better treated with the drugs such as Ritalin or ... products Tide has 9 known Cancer causing agentsLysol Formula 409windex ...

Medication Concern

This drug may also be used in higher doses for nauseavomiting from chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer. How to use Reglan Oral ...

Another Health Insurance Question for Ages 60-65

She has high blood pressure and has had colon cancer...that plus Medicare ... like cancer, you are most of the time stuck with 20% of the drugs needed to ...

Curious About Egg Donating

I dont know if they use oral drugslike clomid or injectables for egg .... people that do sometimes had cancer young or other medical problems that keep them ...

Anyone Have Experience with Lupron (Sp?) for Endomitriosis?

Oct 8, 2009 ... The drugs puts you into a state of menopause and depending on her age, I was in my 20's, ... prostate treatment · treatment for cancer ...

Breastfeeding with Crohn's

Most drugs pass through breast milk only in very small amounts. ... In a document published by the Breast Cancer Fund, they found an average of 40 toxic ...

Having a Colonoscopy Have You Had One

I was so loopy from the drugs they gave me that I was not scared and ... My mom died of colon cancer and, shame on me for putting this off but I, too, ...

Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

She originally learned hypnosis to teach children with cancer how to relieve their pain w/o drugs - also amazing stories. Point being, the techniques are to ...
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