can you bleed when your pregnant

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Am I Pregnant?

I was on the depo shot for a while and i bleed for 8 mths it works .... One thing i can tell you is to take calsim pill for your bones cause they now have ...

...Seeking Answers....

Sounds like it to mehcg isnt in your system unless youre pregnant or taking growth ... Many women will bleed when theyre pregnant with no effect on the ...

When Does Your Period Return After Having a Baby

This really just depends on your body. you can start right away or you can ... i bled for several weeks after having my baby. you may of started to heal ... I just want to say that I got pregnant while I was nursing my FOUR MONTH old ...

Advice During Pregnancy

I am now 36 weeks pregnant I bleed very heavily a few times with ... Get rest when you can. You'll be fine. Trust your midwife and your body to know what it ...

11 Weeks Pregnant and Spotting!!!

(I also bled heavily at 32 weeks, which was due to complete placenta previa. .... Just follow your doctor's advice as carefully as you can and don't worry ...

Sinus Infection While Pregnant

Look online and possibly call your doctor back. The saline and humidifier will help with the nose bleeds, but not much else. I think you can use Vick's Rub ...

Could I Be Pregnant?

Your body is adjusting to the change in hormone. You can get pregnant, ... bleed for a month straight but it wasn't a normal period and I think you are fine ...

How Do You Know Whether You Miscarried?

If is increased then, you could have been pregnant. I would see your OB/GYN .... Typically when you miscarry if you are not that far along you will bleed like ... for a reason and obviously something was not right and you can try again. ...

Negative Results

All said I was not pregnant - after 4 months I began to bleed - purple, .... Please call an make an appointment so your doctor can help you out if it's more ...

Is It Normal Not to Bleed Right Away During a Miscarriage

Just know that your daughter knows intuitively that you're hurting, and wants to help you through this. With my miscarriage 2 years ago, I did not bleed (or ...
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  • bled for about 4 weeks in 2 answers "I bled for about 4 weeks after having our son and thanks to breastfeeding I did not ..."
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  • call your ob in 5 answers "... is only one hard and fast rule about your question and that is---call your OB!"