can whole milk cause diaper rash

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Best Suggestions to Cure & Prevent Diaper Rash

M.T. asks from Minneapolis

My 19 month old has had a bad recurring diaper rash for about 2 months. He is teething on and off too, so it could be contributing, but it's never lasted this long. Se...


21 Mo Old with Unresolved Diaper Rash

K.D. asks from Sacramento

MY son will be 2 in May, and has had a nasty diaper rash for about 2 months now. I took him eot the Dr after trying to treat it with Balmex, then Desitin, A and D Oint...


11 Month Old with Thrush and Diaper Rash

K.H. asks from Detroit

I went to the pediatrician on Friday after my daughter had a stubborn diaper rash for 5 days that I suspected was yeast-related. Before I took her to the doctor, we ha...


Baby Has Bad Diaper Rash and Soft Poopies...

L.F. asks from Charlotte

My DD has had really soft poops for a couple of weeks. This is giving her bad diaper rash. I started watching another little girl a few days ago and noticed her hard...


6 Week Old Has Diaper Rash

A.F. asks from Yuba City

I am trying to determine whether or not my infant has diaper dermatitis. She only has this small patch of red spots around her anus. It almost looks like when you ha...


Diaper Rash with Constant Pooping - Diet Related?

E.W. asks from San Francisco

My 11 month old son has had a pretty bad diaper rash for a few weeks now - it gets better, then gets worse on a daily basis. It's gotten so bad his poor butt was entir...


Terrible Diaper Rash... Please Help!

R.V. asks from Chicago

My son has horrrrrrible diaper rash. It varies from a neon pink to bright red. I know there have been several posts on this already, but I've already tried most of wha...


Diaper rash-HELP!

T. asks from Dallas

Hi ladies! My two year old recently started taking allergy medicine and every time he wakes up in the morning he has BM and his tushy is very irritated, some parts ...


Serious Case of Diaper Rash & Di

S.F. asks from Los Angeles

I would greatly appreciate anybody out there who has feedback on this issue. I have already been to doctor. My 11month old little boy has had diahrea for 6 days which ...



M.B. asks from Nashville

my daughter was on soy formula since she was born and the nicu put her on that and i have no idea why well when she went for her 12month check up the ped. said i could...

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