cabbage leaves stop breastfeeding

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Weaning from Breastfeeding

Sep 30, 2009 ... Stuff some cabbage leaves in your bra (it really works) and incorporate ... I didn't have alot of problem when I stopped breast feeding. ...

Ambivalent About Breastfeeding

... are quite simple Putting bruised refrigerated Cabbage leaves inside your bra ..... Hello it is always the mother's choice when to stop breastfeeding and ...

Weaning Discomfort

Sep 11, 2009 ... Oh no I feel your pain Tried everything normal first like cabbage leaves and HEAT will relieve it first then COOL but these will not stop ...

Breast Hurts After I Have Stopped Pumping

When I stopped breast feeding my left breast dried up faster than my right one. ... But try cabbage leaves. I know it sounds funny, but I used them when I ...

Extreme Case of Breastfeeding Engorgement, Anyone Else Been Thru This?

Jun 14, 2009 ... Cabbage leaves do work. Put the cabbage in the fridge so that it gets cold. ... Breast Engorgement- Seeking Help to Stop Supply of Milk ...

When Does the Leaking Stop?

It was the same when I was nursing it did not stop until I stopped breastfeeding Though it was not as much after the first few weeks But I still had to wear ...

Milk Supply Drying Up

To back track I did not stop Cold Turkey. I slowly went from pumping every 4 ... Try cabbage leaves. They work wonderfully to relieve engorgement and will .... at the hospital who taught me how to breastfeed and asked them for help. ...

Feeling Engorged After Weaning

Just do that over and over, and your milk production will stop. ... I wore a sports bra & put the cabbage leaves in there. ... I had a cold when I was breast feeding and the Dr. said to becareful of allergy medicine and decongestants ...

When and How to Stop Nursing

But to dry up your milk, you can wrap your breasts in cabbage leaves. .... to find out all you need for breastfeeding and to stop breast feeding. Good luck! ...

Weaning My 18 Month Old

May 19, 2009 ... For you, cabbage leaves ease the pain very nicely. Sounds weird, I know, but I'm doing ..... Deciding to Stop Breastfeeding or! ...
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