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Vbac Vs. C-section

V.W. asks from Phoenix

Heya Mommas- I am faced with a dilemma. My first baby was delivered via c-section after dilating to 4cm. She was trying to come out hand first and despite the doct...


C-section Scar Not Healing Well

R.S. asks from Chicago

Hi there, I recenty went to the dermatologist for a skin rash and decided while I was there, I'd show her my c-section scar (c-section was in July) because it appe...


C-section or Vaginal Delivery

P. asks from Houston

Hello all, I feel like I always have questions. Here comes another one! I'm full term today at 37 weeks...hooray! I'm ready to have this second child but I don'...


Moms Who Had an Unplanned C-section

H.L. asks from Detroit

Question: A good friend of mine just gave birth a day ago to a wonderful and healthy baby boy. The problem is, after many hours of labor and two hours of pushing, s...


Rash near C Section Incision

E.T. asks from Los Angeles

I had a c section 5 weeks ago. About a week ago, I started to develop a rash near my incision. It's not on the incision, just around it. The rash is extremely itch...


C-section at 37 Weeks

L.P. asks from New York

UPDATE: I think a few of you mentioned being on blood thinners. I am also on a blood thinner- lovenox shots- because I have MTHFR which is a clotting disorder. I ac...


Ripped C-section Scar

P.O. asks from Jacksonville

I may eventually get this checked if the condition doesn't get better, but I was playing tennis and I think I pulled either the muscles around the c-section scar to0 ...


"C-section Recovery Issues"

J.T. asks from Houston

I had an emergency c-section, was my b/p was high and my blood platelets were really, really low, so my liver was all messed up. So I was completely under. This was O...


Anyone Out There Had a C-section That Did Not Close?

A.V. asks from Atlanta

I just had my 3rd c-section last week. When the staples were removed, the incision was still open. I now have a nurse coming 2 times a day to clean and re-pack the si...


Novasure After Vertical C Section or Hysterectomy? Help!

P.P. asks from Chicago

My gyno recommends I get Novasure ablation. I have been bleeding for 4 months straight with gushing (lots) until I finally got a progesterone pill from my new gyno (o...

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